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Thanks for visiting Professor Harold's web site!!

Our goal is to take the "Oh no! Do I have to?" out of learning math basics.

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Ever heard other kids say how much fun math is? Well, you can take back the nasty names you called them. Turns out they're right. But until now, the fun part came only after you memorized the basics-when you applied those basic facts to theories and concepts that help you figure out how the world works. Now, with Professor Harold's Video Flash Cards, even the memorizing part can be fun and easy. Just by being near…just by being in the same room when Professor Harold's Video Flash Cards are playing on your TV, you will start to remember math facts. In other words, you can…Learn Math in a flash!

If you have any comments, please write and tell us. Our goals are your total satisfaction and your mastery of the basic math facts. If there's something we can do to improve your experience with the product or this site, we'd truly appreciate hearing about it.


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